About Your Club

Proudly Serving Sale Since 2009.

The Lakeside Club Sale was born in 2009 with the merger of the Sale Community Sports Club and the Sale Bowls Club.
Lakeside is a club that prides itself by taking interests in local sporting clubs such as football, bowls, cricket, basketball, badminton and table tennis. Partnerships with many of these sporting clubs still continue today.

Family Bistro

The Lakeside Club Sale operates a lunch & dinner family bistro. Centered around community families, we aim to supply a service that is affordable and does not cut corners when it comes to the quality of our food. Some features to look forward to:

  • Big kid’s play area
  • Great extensive menu
  • Friendly approachable staff
  • Variety of Catering Options

Bowls Facility

We are proud to be the home for the Sales Bowls Club. To help keep bowlers rolling all year round we have 3 synthetic greens and also a maintained living green. On Offer is a membership to suit bowlers joining our club and another to suit bowlers from other clubs.

Bowls is a fun tactical game! All ages are welcome just ask one of our team members on how you can have a go!

Lakeside Club Management

Good Time's

Plenty of things to do


Kid's Playground

The kid’s play area is really fun. It has a decent play house, game consoles and a lollie game machine.

Bar & Keno

We have a good selection of wine, beer and softdrink. There is also access to keno next to the bar.

TAB Terminal

Upcoming events can be viewed on overhead displays. There is also terminal access available.

Primarily Local Sourced

Fresh is best! that is why we primarily buy our produce from local businesses. Only when demand exceeds supply do we seek suitable alternatives.